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We respond ~ London 2014

Check out this video where we responded to the 2014 flood crisis. Here we deploy our professionals to protect people's homes and the Environment.

London 2014

Hydro Cleansing are on the front line, servicing 67,000 miles of sewers in London, to keep 8 million people in the capital moving.  We clear & maintain the intricate network of pipelines, drains and treatment plants 24/7, 365 days a year.

Road sweeper clearing park pathways
Road Sweeper cleaning residential streets
Road sweeper compacting high volumns of foliage
Equipped with high pressure water system to clean road
Mega-Sweep hopper capable of compacting and collecting large volumns of waste
High pressure jetting cleans surfaces as sweeper goes along
Show Description

24 Hour Helpline

Cleans roads, motorways and car parks

Clears race tracks and construction sites

1,500 litre stainless steel tank

6.4 cubic metre hopper

Adjustable side sweepers

Safety cameras, sensors and alarms

Full traffic accident clearance